jxdn - Tonight (feat. iann dior) (Official Video)

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listen to Tonight feat. iann dior out now: jxdn.lnk.to/tonight
Director: Mooch
Executive Producer: Nolan Riddle
Producer: Max McGuire
Prod. Manager: Nocrdntls
Dir. Of Photography: Logan Meis
1st AD: Amanjah Anthony
Steadicam: Emaad Elhardouzi
1st AC: Taylen Anderson
2nd AC: Tim Le
Production Designer: Lucca Liberal
Art Director: Christian Rivas
Grip: Kevin Cho
Gaffer: Taylor Huddleson
Swing: Jarus Lorenzen
JIB: Bill Hunt
H/MU: Cynthia Diaz
VFX: the Kroot
VFX Producer: Tomash Kuzmytskyi
VFX Supervisor: Karina Kuzmytska
Title Sequence: Offgod
3D graphics : docxiv
PA: Ari Dyrek
PA: Carty Willett
PA: Gabriel Pelluzo
Color: Dylan Hageman
Covid Safety: Ky Solano

  • imagine, the kid laroi, jadxn and Iann Dior making a song together

    Alina's Music VoidAlina's Music Void3 órája
  • This song looks like it was filmed in cod nuke town

    Famousluke 182Famousluke 182Napja
  • ugh please i also want a jxdn x mgk collab, thatd be a bangerrr

    janela axljanela axlNapja

    morgan freemanmorgan freemanNapja
  • Omg Bryce got me dead lol 😂

    It’s Makennah You already knowIt’s Makennah You already knowNapja
  • The Mannequin was a girl and the real person is Bryce Hall?!?

    melanie gauvinmelanie gauvinNapja
  • i have been voting for u everyday and i ll do 'til 19th may. u re such a quality singer.

    Rabbitfren RobotRabbitfren Robot2 napja
  • Love you

    Ioana KovacsIoana Kovacs2 napja
  • I love this music

    Ioana KovacsIoana Kovacs2 napja
  • Reminds me of early 2000's rock👌

    Whitney MosesWhitney Moses2 napja
  • When I heard Mad's saying if you don't pick up the phone right now I wanted to cry

    Razer RaiderRazer Raider3 napja
    • Dude... for real :(

      Ava RedingAva Reding13 órája
  • Their voices match so good

    Nerea MartínezNerea Martínez3 napja
  • why does this remind me of five from tua-

    Armani ScottArmani Scott3 napja
  • So proud

    nb 123nb 1233 napja
  • Perfect

    nb 123nb 1233 napja
  • All of his songs are fire!!!🔥🔥

    nb 123nb 1233 napja
  • Bryce who?

    Vince ColladoVince Collado4 napja
  • I love this song and its great music video to

    GoatGoat4 napja
  • 1:47 sounds like one of mgk's song with Travis

    Darkcresent Moon 167Darkcresent Moon 1675 napja
  • He’s still a tiktoker

    Adan LopezAdan Lopez5 napja
  • Fire🚀

    h.ah.a6 napja
  • Do nada bryce

    Jaciane BarbosaJaciane Barbosa8 napja

    Angelica MendesAngelica Mendes8 napja

    Tim MurphyTim Murphy8 napja

    Macey UnderwoodMacey Underwood9 napja
  • he’s iconic

    Macey UnderwoodMacey Underwood9 napja
  • THIS SONG IS SO GOOD! 💖 I will be forever proud of Jaden

    Bruna LopesBruna Lopes9 napja
  • the fact that so many people DONT know this video is a nuketown reference pisses me off

    Rocky ZacharyRocky Zachary9 napja
  • He’s holding a pay phone that’s older than him. Bet this kid didn’t even know what to do with it 😂😂😂

    jortega61924jortega619249 napja
  • This video is straight call of duty black ops 2 I recognize a few of those props I love it

    Ashton BobAshton Bob10 napja
  • make a song with lil huddy

    Hope VogelfangerHope Vogelfanger11 napja
  • the people who disliked this video need a covid test because they have no taste

    Paula OrriolsPaula Orriols12 napja
  • ok but this fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Paula OrriolsPaula Orriols12 napja
  • The songs really niceee

    Rafa MezettiRafa Mezetti12 napja
  • 🤘🖤

    SeiyaSeiya12 napja
  • 🤘🖤

    SeiyaSeiya12 napja
  • 🤘🖤

    SeiyaSeiya12 napja
  • 🤘🖤

    SeiyaSeiya12 napja
  • Fuckin slaps

    KingsoupKingsoup13 napja
  • I just realized Bryce hall was in the music video

    AKVENOM 101AKVENOM 10114 napja
  • I’m so disappointed in you iann

    Jessica PitreJessica Pitre14 napja
    • Why?it ain't even that bad of a song

      Dylan EatonDylan Eaton5 napja

    Ria RoyRia Roy14 napja
  • They both sound the same anyone agree??

    rogue111rogue11115 napja
  • I like how it’s like nuke town. The mannequins, the nuke, the green and yellow houses.

    Ashley MeeperAshley Meeper17 napja
  • dear fabulous lil jad plz dont make madd upset she is your real deal

    Lulu VwLulu Vw17 napja
  • I love your song jxdn

    Angie aguinigaAngie aguiniga17 napja
  • Y love Jxdn♡

    Aitana ReynosoAitana Reynoso17 napja
  • Bryce is so funny lmao 😆

    Shamsa AbdullaShamsa Abdulla18 napja
  • I thought that was a call of duty black ops music

    Alan SlaAlan Sla19 napja
  • I can't stop listening to these

    chasey_caprisunschasey_caprisuns19 napja
  • Gummy bear

    Bunny TubeBunny Tube21 napja
  • No one can have a voice like him, you are so amazing and you can change the world with your voice. Best singer

    Sofia SousaSofia Sousa22 napja
  • Every song with Travis Barker on drums is a banger.

    RattledRattled22 napja
  • Jxdn + iann = 💥

    Flagzi シFlagzi シ22 napja
  • me loving this music video and music. *i see bryce hall* ew bryce hall!

    A RohA Roh22 napja
  • I listen to all his music

    Kinzye AndersonKinzye Anderson23 napja
  • Loveeeeeeee 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🦋

    Barbara Teixeira dos SantosBarbara Teixeira dos Santos23 napja
  • do not call him a tiktoker because he is a rockstar !!!

    Amelia MillerAmelia Miller23 napja
  • I love this song

    cwc spy ninjascwc spy ninjas24 napja
  • no one: bryce: 🧍‍♂️🐶

    Im LexiIm Lexi24 napja
  • Omg anyone else crack up when Bryce showed up? 😂 😆 😝

    Raina HaysRaina Hays24 napja
  • Is it just me or is the girl on the phone sound like Mads?

    Gianna RigbyGianna Rigby25 napja
  • Youm

    Johnna ClapperJohnna Clapper28 napja
  • What genre is this

    hahahaha28 napja
    • Pop punk / emo

      kennedie bataclankennedie bataclan10 napja
  • They say enjoy the ride :)

    Jen AlexanderJen Alexander28 napja
  • My step daughter loves him

    Simply ShanahSimply ShanahHónapja
  • nuketown¿

  • 2000s Pop/Punk + Trap = 🔥

    432Hz Flute432Hz FluteHónapja
  • No bc this is actually a really good song

    Barbara NievesBarbara NievesHónapja
  • He’s not a tiktoker, he’s a singer who uses tiktok

    Najara AmorosoNajara AmorosoHónapja
  • I wanna see this dude live!

  • bryce be like - 😁🙋

    Ben HazelwoodBen HazelwoodHónapja

  • Hi ll

  • He is talented!🙄

    Kaique CastroKaique CastroHónapja
  • I didn't even realise when iann started singing it was iann

  • Wait a minute I thought both parts were sung by the same dude

    I don’t wanna knowI don’t wanna knowHónapja
  • smashh hitsss brooo⚡️⚡️

  • As much as I hate tik tokers like him, this song is actually fire

    Aiden KeeneAiden KeeneHónapja
    • @Aiden Keene i know I was sayingthat when you said I hate tiok tokers like him and then when you said this song is actually fire: was basically and insult but compliment if you know what I mean

      Gwendolyn BeamGwendolyn BeamHónapja
    • @Gwendolyn Beam I’m just saying the song good

      Aiden KeeneAiden KeeneHónapja
    • but at least you didn't say something really rude like most people who hate someone do I give credit kinda

      Gwendolyn BeamGwendolyn BeamHónapja
    • this is hate mixed with a compliment....tf

      Gwendolyn BeamGwendolyn BeamHónapja
  • Who's here after 3 months of listen to this after being here for jaden since the start

  • i used to trash kids there in nuke town

    Gavin HolmesGavin HolmesHónapja
  • Iconic

    ayesha khanayesha khanHónapja
  • Nuketownnn

    Christopher RodriguezChristopher RodriguezHónapja
  • ur songs the best

    Kristian KeetonKristian KeetonHónapja
  • 2000s party vibes coming up

  • I love you and your music bro

    Sakia SanchezSakia SanchezHónapja
  • Are the mannequins to represent fakeness in Hollywood?

    Chris SChris SHónapja
  • major respect for the Nuketown sign

    Jesse -GJesse -GHónapja
  • на дворе 2021, а я решила пересмотреть все клипы американ боев

    Анастасия КорчменкоАнастасия КорчменкоHónapja
  • Is like there real brothers ⭐💫

  • Gonna put this here cus i always need this. We're holdin' on to nothin' And we're holdin' on too tight This night is almost over now But we won't say goodbye Look I walked into the party alone (fuck) My ex callin' me on the phone (hello?) Broken bottles can't break my heart tonight Oh, no, oh, no So take a shot with me and we'll go On and on and on and on Take shots with me and we'll go on and on We're holdin' on to nothin' And we're holdin' on too tight This night is almost over now But we won't say goodbye It's everything I wanted They say, "Enjoy the ride" We're holdin' onto nothin' Yeah, we're holdin' on too tight (yeah) Now I'm wasted on the floor (wow) I got cigarette holes in my shirt And I'm layin' with a girl, that I don't know I don't know, know, know, know She took a shot with me and we went On and on and on and on (shot, shot) She took shots with me and we went On and on and on We're holdin' on to nothing And we're holdin' on too tight This night is almost over now But we won't say goodbye It's everything I wanted They say, "Enjoy the ride" We're holdin' onto nothin' Yeah, we're holdin' on too tight (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Na-na-na, na-na-na Na-na-na, na-na-na Na-na-na, na-na-na Na-na-na, na-na-na Yeah, we're holdin' on to nothin' (na-na-na, na-na-na) And we're holdin' on too tight (na-na-na, na-na-na) This night is almost over now (na-na-na, na-na-na) But we won't say goodbye "jxdn if you don't pick up the phone right now That's not funny"

  • this song happens on a call of duty map, very cool

  • literally when i saw bryce in cute face i laughed and said *awh*

  • *this is the collab we al needed*

    • I had no idea you listen to jxdn

      James JesseeJames Jessee3 napja
    • @Jessica Pitre bro why u here if u don’t like him?

      Hope_wxrldxxHope_wxrldxx5 napja
    • @Jessica Pitre stfu

      Roufaida SalamaRoufaida Salama6 napja
    • @Jessica Pitre He isnt a tiktok fboy, he is a singer and he just started on tiktok

      Zarah DeeringZarah Deering8 napja
    • Ew no. a tik tok fboy and an actual good rapper

      Jessica PitreJessica Pitre14 napja
  • « My ex call me at phone» ✨HeLlO✨

  • Wate WHO is who I am like😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    Raisi PerkinsRaisi PerkinsHónapja
  • Solid asf

    Jacob MeyersJacob MeyersHónapja
  • BrYcE hall Ur SmILE iS EvErYtHiNg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    kylie castleberry the cat ladykylie castleberry the cat ladyHónapja
  • uhh a lot of items and stuff in this vid is very nostalgic, from like WAY back than

    Erick CarrErick CarrHónapja
  • Walked in to the party alone fuck is so relatable

    Rachel StewartRachel StewartHónapja