jxdn - Better Off Dead (Official Video)

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'Better Off Dead' out now: jxdn.lnk.to/betteroffdead
Production Company: Tuff Contender
Director / Editor / Colorist: Max Moore
Executive Producer: DJay Brawner
Head of Production: Max Rose
Producer: Lakell Haves
Director of Photography: Justyn Moro
Production Designer: Jessican Garrison & Diana Mantis

  • Nice! Love you 💖🤗

    Иванеса ИвановаИванеса ИвановаÓrája
  • yes

    Max RodriguezMax Rodriguez2 órája
  • i do not like that this song makes so much sense...

    Kalayla SeehaferKalayla Seehafer13 órája
  • Chase and jxdn should make a song togther

    Alyaa AlkakiAlyaa Alkaki16 órája
  • So lame. Emo rap!

    Raymond RiskRaymond Risk17 órája
  • The nessa Collab ruined everything- disappointed nessa ruins it all

    Jannah YasserJannah Yasser18 órája
  • ❤❤❤

    Brenda PeterleBrenda Peterle18 órája
  • Ughhh he’s sooo cuttteeeeee😭

    Tulin KeskinTulin Keskin19 órája
  • Josh and mads deserve better 😔😤

    Anjalie BassantAnjalie Bassant20 órája

    Helblair ivy Lilith moranaHelblair ivy Lilith morana23 órája

    Helblair ivy Lilith moranaHelblair ivy Lilith morana23 órája
  • i love u so much,, keep ur head up

    Kiersten LindnerKiersten LindnerNapja
  • I don't like this song, it isn't stuck in my head it lives in my head But damn is it good

    Jack EAGJack EAGNapja
  • Jaden I love you so much😭😭 I mean I don't know how people hate you !!!!! You are perfect !!!! just want a boy like you so that he can be my life partner😭 I love you more than anyone else!!!!! wish you and mad would be together😭😭😭😭😭😭you two makes an awesome couple🥳 love you more than anyone.

    intak knowintak knowNapja
  • So good

    Nerea MartínezNerea MartínezNapja
  • kinda giving me machine gun kelly vibes

    samantha taylasamantha taylaNapja
  • Jaden and nessa:🤢🤢🙄 Mads and Josh:😍😍😍 I Love jods/mash💖

    • Yes

      Greta DittmannGreta DittmannNapja
    • yes

      Clarice VianaClarice VianaNapja
  • On the real though. That line slapped the first time I heard it on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

    N.B.O.R [NeverBeyondOurReach]N.B.O.R [NeverBeyondOurReach]Napja
  • Travis Barker🔥🔥🔥

    Johnny_Dirtyhandz_721ersJohnny_Dirtyhandz_721ers2 napja
  • jaden honey?? you messed up real big :\

    a l i m aa l i m a2 napja
  • I thought he was gonna say ¨cloudy with a chance of meatballs¨

    Peter FloresPeter Flores2 napja
  • dont forget to vote for this good guy@iheartradio @social star award section please.

    Rabbitfren RobotRabbitfren Robot2 napja
  • dead tune

    darkzysdarkzys2 napja
  • Cloudy with a chance of depression Cloudy with a chance of anxiety Can’t keep out the demons inside of me U made me miserable Broke my heart and i learned my lesson Maybe I’m just better off dead U make me worse not better Mistake my pain for pleasure Oof, they hit real hard (Not in order)

    Tulin KeskinTulin Keskin2 napja
  • This isn't sleeping with sirens...

    Rift_ShotzRift_Shotz2 napja

    Kaelyn BurkettKaelyn Burkett2 napja
  • Te amooooooooo

    Rosy RodriguezRosy Rodriguez2 napja
  • "you know all my passwords" password: 1234

    Hunter SchickHunter Schick2 napja
  • the beginning gives the same beat like lund reflection 😂

    ImKasiaaaImKasiaaa2 napja
  • Crazy when you get to know that blackbear wrote this.

  • I hate you after what you did to Mads

    Stuti's FlairsStuti's Flairs3 napja
  • Este tema llego a argentina

    Valen GomezValen Gomez3 napja
  • Good song, but your no role model for you men. Cheaters are the biggest pos in the World.

    tballgame43tballgame433 napja
  • Karina you won’t see the but, I miss your hugs, your love, your voice, the way you looked at me, your smile, the memories, I miss your head on my chest, I miss our play fighting, I miss you teasing me😂...I miss you🖤 you will never come back to me but I won’t stop loving you..because I miss your fucking love.

    TrxyyTrxyy3 napja
  • He should do a song with chase

    Sadi HeldSadi Held3 napja
  • is it just me or does the rock look cat poo

    Ben HyltonBen Hylton3 napja
  • Cant ait for the album💗

    nb 123nb 1233 napja
    • Wait

      nb 123nb 1233 napja
  • Love you and your music😍

    nb 123nb 1233 napja
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    nb 123nb 1233 napja
  • I'm sorry but idc what people say I still like him and his music

    delisha sharmadelisha sharma3 napja
  • Imagine switching on your boy for a bitch cancel dude he ain’t worth the word bro

    Kody JohnsonKody Johnson3 napja
  • Love this song

    jacey osbornejacey osborne3 napja
  • now every time I cry I just go to my dad and say "its been cloudy with a chance of anxiety"

    charchar3 napja
  • Jadens a 🐍

    Jeff The RefJeff The Ref3 napja
  • Hey bro ur music is amazing, I support you and nessa don't care what others say

    Ana GodinhoAna Godinho3 napja
  • Paint by number: let’s color and relax My Spotify: Cloudy with a chance of anxiety

    100 Roses100 Roses3 napja
  • 🖤🎼 OMG My Spotify played all your songs today and I LOVE THEM ALLL!!!!! 👏🏻 🎙

    Cloverskyeyes1Cloverskyeyes14 napja
  • whos here after the big drama?

    McKenna BagyiMcKenna Bagyi4 napja
    • Me 😂😂😂

      ari lopezari lopez3 napja
  • Mano ficou muito bom :)

    marcinha do graumarcinha do grau4 napja
    • Sim, cara eu n sei vc caso não seja a mesma opinião q a minha eu respeito a sua ! :> Mas eu shippo ele e a nessa e tô do lado deles na treta

      yuki // Portugalyuki // Portugal3 napja
  • Jaden Hossler is the best and i dont really listen to this music but these songs everyday

    Jonathan BettencourtJonathan Bettencourt4 napja
  • Who s here after all the drama Of message josh made and jxdn

    Oficial_ robyOficial_ roby4 napja
  • 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍

    Smokey VisionSmokey Vision4 napja
  • He’s so pretty

    LilLiaGamingLilLiaGaming4 napja
    • @The RedSmasher just my opinion even though he is

      LilLiaGamingLilLiaGaming3 napja
    • @yuki // Portugal just search it on HUworld baby. Jaden hossler racist. You will get a video where it shows he not only racist but homophobic and transphobic as well.

      The RedSmasherThe RedSmasher3 napja
    • @The RedSmasher wtf ?Where did you get that from?

      yuki // Portugalyuki // Portugal3 napja
    • Raicst and homophobic too. So you better go ,miss thing

      The RedSmasherThe RedSmasher4 napja
  • Beuaftil

    Rejane BaischiRejane Baischi4 napja
  • Jaden you didnt deserve mads

    tae kookietae kookie4 napja
    • No mads didnt deserve him mads didnt do nun wrong

      muneeramuneera4 napja
  • okay hear me out, jaden and lil huddy collab?

    Ruby DentonRuby Denton4 napja
  • S A D

    Kyle MalinKyle Malin4 napja

    Kyle MalinKyle Malin4 napja

    czxna i amczxna i am5 napja
  • Idk if Jaden will see this but you saved my life and gave me something to live for. Thank you!

    slime timeslime time5 napja
  • why dont you really do music anymore:(

    V4N3554V4N35546 napja
    • he does he is releasing an album soon

      N DN DNapja
  • 0:31 I love that part too much

    mischief managedmischief managed6 napja
  • 🔥🚀

    h.ah.a6 napja
  • Bye im vibing with jaden’s songs

    Diana MarandaDiana Maranda6 napja
  • Pop punk/Pop rock is slowly making a return

    Wilson SedaWilson Seda6 napja
  • this song slaps

    Wilson SedaWilson Seda6 napja
  • no one: jaden’s hair: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⤴️⤵️🔄🔁↩️↩️↪️

  • Omg in love

    Ania AtgAnia Atg7 napja
  • I like a different song called better off dead it's a lot better choose better names

    Zero BlackroseZero Blackrose8 napja
  • he’s rly fine though..

    xdstxrzxdstxrz8 napja
  • "It's been cloudy with a chance of depression, it's been cloudy with a chance of anxiety." Damn those lines slap wtf.

    Mhalaika JohnBaptisteMhalaika JohnBaptiste8 napja
  • I came here to see why people were saying that he’s one of the few TikTokers who can actually sing and I was like, ‘ehh, let’s see. He can’t be that good. He’s a TikToker after all’ and when the sing started, I was like ‘wow, I was not expecting that. This is actually good. He IS a musician. He actually gives me singer vibes, no TikToker has given me these vibes before.’ That’s what I was thinking just now.

    You_know _meYou_know _me8 napja
  • Lil Huddy and Jxdn should collab

    Draco PottahDraco Pottah8 napja
  • Yea with a fight

    Brooklyn BalmerBrooklyn Balmer8 napja
  • so jxdn, kailan ang cb uli?

    hestia ggukhestia gguk9 napja

    Macey UnderwoodMacey Underwood9 napja
  • man dont miss 🔥🔥 🔥

    nexxt upnexxt up9 napja
  • I cant stop listening to this

    SarTunesSarTunes9 napja
  • This is annoying

    I can't come up with a good nameI can't come up with a good name9 napja
  • He ran out of lyrics so he decided to repeat the same thing 5 times (tbh its fire)

    Omar HaibaOmar Haiba9 napja
  • this song slaps

    Emory WilsonEmory Wilson10 napja
  • wait hold up was that the pool from the tickets to my downfall album cover or am i trippin?

    madi michellemadi michelle10 napja
  • I like thais dog 😜

    Julie ClarkJulie Clark10 napja
  • Black hair is the best🔥🔥🔥

    AlinaAlina11 napja
  • i finally took the time to check out his mvs instead of just listening on spotify

    Shanaia FernandesShanaia Fernandes11 napja
  • whatever

    Nadine MedinaNadine Medina11 napja
  • yup cause you didn't cheat on her um ok

    Nadine MedinaNadine Medina11 napja
    • Huh

      Holden CamposHolden Campos11 napja
  • Cloud with a chance of depression slaps

    Alfredo CabreraAlfredo Cabrera11 napja
  • so perfeck song bro

    Boys_ sqBoys_ sq12 napja
  • 🤘🖤

    SeiyaSeiya12 napja
  • 🤘🖤

    SeiyaSeiya12 napja
  • 🤘🖤

    SeiyaSeiya12 napja
  • I love you jxdn

    Rachida LadraaRachida Ladraa13 napja
  • I like the way jaden says " broke my heart " ☺

    Briana JaramilloBriana Jaramillo13 napja
    • Look at the lyrics “It's been cloudy with a chance of depression Broke my heart, and I learned my lesson It's already over in my head It's been cloudy with a chance of anxiety Can't keep out the demons inside of me Maybe I'm just better off dead 'Cause you love me and you hate me Use your body to sedate me And you make me fucking crazy You made me miserable

      Holden CamposHolden Campos13 napja
    • Is this about Mads

      Holden CamposHolden Campos13 napja
  • This song slaps on too many levels to explain

    Tessa MillerTessa Miller13 napja
  • jaden voice >>>>

    Giorgia De TogniGiorgia De Togni13 napja
  • Baby😍

    Yamila MachadoYamila Machado13 napja
  • I can’t live without your music

    Brooke CrofootBrooke Crofoot13 napja
  • whoah, this is so good!

    butterpopcornisepicbutterpopcornisepic14 napja